A significant part of a church organ’s cost is the wood console and consumers have choices.  From the top end’s fine custom furniture to low-end particle board and even knockdown assembly techniques, the choices are endless.  The consumer needs to take into account budget, quality, and longevity requirement.  If the organ is to last for decades, consumers must choose an instrument with a console with hardwoods and assembled with care for details.  If the consumer is budget minded and not interested in longevity, they are more inclined to consider something of lower quality.

Allen Organ Company prides itself on quality with fine furniture consoles that are aesthetically pleasing.  Such consoles last for generations.

Some manufacturers take a different view of quality.  This may even include knockdown construction, similar to what is found in inexpensive consumer furniture.  This consumer-grade approach inevitably hurts the consumer in the long run as the console begins to deteriorate within a matter of years.

“Look under the hood” where quality shortcuts are taken by organ builders.  An educated consumer is a smart consumer.

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