Church-organs Site Mission has been live for over a year and has been visited by thousands.  Given this milestone it is appropriate to restate the site’s mission. is hosted by Allen Organ Company.  Some claim the site is biased with this connection.  However, that claim does not speak to the validity of the information supplied.  In fact, this site has not received any complaints from other organ builders about the validity of the un-doctored photographs or other material included.

In recent years some digital organ customers have encountered support issues that are problematic for the entire industry’s reputation.  As an example, Allen Organ Company has been contacted by churches that contracted for organs, paid a deposit, but did not receive the organs.  In some cases Allen assisted these customers, sharing in the loss.  Customers have also encountered difficulty servicing instruments built by some manufacturers due to lack of parts availability.  Through transparent information, customers can better understand the risks involved prior to aking a purchase decision.

Choosing a digital church organ is a complex process.  These organs not only include advanced technology, much of which is hidden in integrated circuits, but include craftsmanship in their consoles and the duplication of a centuries-old art-form.  Unlike most technology-based products that are discarded after a few years, digital organs are large investments expected to serve for decades.  Should the organs not be built with quality and backed by a company with proven support capabilities, the desired longevity will not be possible.  The photographs and material included in this site allow consumers to be better informed on these issues. offers consumers objective information about digital organs.  It accepts comments submitted by readers that include objective material that could assist other consumers.  Should other organ builders offer relevant information backed by published facts, it too will be considered for inclusion on this site.  Educated consumers are smart consumers.