has been live for about three years.  It is hosted by Allen Organ Company with its mission to supply objective product information to consumers considering a new digital organ.

There are significant differences in digital organ quality.  This Blog posts untouched photographs of instruments.  While some are a few years old, they help share the builder’s organ quality philosophy.

Church organs are expected to last for decades, requiring unique customer support by the builder.  In recent years a growing number of consumers have encountered support issues.  For example, some churches that contracted for instruments, paid deposits, but did not receive the organs.  Customers have also encountered difficulty servicing instruments due to lack of parts availability.  Armed with knowledge, consumers can research these important issues prior to purchasing an instrument.

Choosing a digital church organ can be a complex process.  These instruments not only include advanced technology, much of which is hidden within integrated circuits, but also craftsmanship in their consoles and in the duplication of a centuries-old art-form.  Unlike most technology-based products that are discarded after a few years, digital organs are huge investments expected to serve for decades.  Fulfilling this objective require the organs to be built with high quality and backed by a company with proven support capabilities. accepts comments submitted by readers that can assist other consumers.  Educated consumers are smart consumers.

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