A digital organ is a sophisticated product requiring advanced technology, artistic integration and craftmanship.  A deficiency in any area will lead to an unsatisfactory installation.

All digital organs include digital and analog technologies, electromechanical and mechanical assemblies, as well as requiring significant organ artistic skills.  The many different assemblies must work flawlessly together to create an artistic and reliable organ

PC or “virtual organs” are typically promoted as practice instruments, offering a low-cost alternative to a real organ.  This claim falls short on artistic and quality issues.  In addition, when assembled, these instruments often cost much more than initially promised.

While organ sounds can be created with a PC and virtual organ software, Hauptwerk, these items alone will not result in a playable musical instrument.  Creating a PC-based organ that can be played in real time requires a console, keyboards, amplifiers, speaker cabinets, various interface circuitry, and more.  One PC-based organ assembler published the items included in an organ.  It is important that consumers to understand the scope of these “kit” projects before the first part is purchased.


  • Hammond 25-Note Pedal board
  • MIDI Taurus Hammond pedal to MIDI converter
  • (6) Novation Launchpad MINI pushbutton controllers
  • Novation Launchpad S pushbutton controller
  • Classic MIDI Works CMK keyboards (Solo, Orchestral, Great Manuals)
  • OSI Wooden Genuine 2nd Touch Keyboard with MIDI by Artisan (Accompaniment Manual)
  • MAC MINI Intel i7 Computer with 16 gigs of RAM External VGA monitor
  • Cakewalk 3 in/3 out MIDI interface
  • MIDISPORT 4 in/4 out MIDI Interface
  • Arndt Organ Supply Swell Shoes w/mounted footswitch
  • MOTU UltraLite MK3 Audio Interface
  • (8) Mackie SRM450 bi-amped powered speakers (400 watts each)
  • SVS PC13 Ultra Subwoofer (1000 watts)
  • iKEA Galant Desk with adjustable height legs
  • Seven port USB powered hub
  • Ten port USB powered hub


  • Paramount Organ Works 450 Sample Set
  • Hauptwerk 4.0 Virtual Organ Software
  • Reaper Software Mixer and Plug-In Host
  • Altiverb Convolver Reverb
  • GSiVB3 Ultimate Virtual Tonewheel Organ

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