One of the first consumer products to utilize digital technology was the Allen Digital Computer Organ introduced in 1971.  In those early years there was skepticism as to the longevity of products with digital technology.  More than 50 years later, Allen has proven that building organs with quality and corporate support are the crucial ingredients for product longevity.

Allen Organ Company continues supporting even its earliest digital organs, as well as older instruments.  Allen Organs are built not only with quality, but also with modular construction to enhance long term serviceability.  Allen also maintains an inventory of millions of dollars of parts to support older products.

Allen Organ’s product longevity is not the norm.  Digital organs manufactured by other builders only a couple of decades old have become unserviceable, typically due to lack of parts availability.  Pictured below is a Bradford Organ that was manufactured in the United Kingdom.  It is no longer serviceable and is being replaced by a new Allen Apex Organ.  The Bradford instrument was not designed for long term serviceability.  Remarkably, this same customer has a chapel with an Allen MDS-60 that is over 25 years old that continues to serve, demonstrating the superior investment of the Allen Organ.

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