This video from Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio in Turin Italy, offers an example of Viscount’s Physis technology and its ability to model life-like pipe organ sound from computer algorithms.  We will leave it to the listener to judge the tonal quality, and how well this instrument emulates the sound of a fine pipe organ.

While sound is subjective and people’s tastes vary, how can we objectively compare sound? Simple: by comparing digital tone generation to real pipes. Allen Organ Benelux recently released a video of a new Allen Organ being played together with the Hinsz Organ installed in the Martinikerk in Bolsward, Netherlands. In this video, you will notice the drastic similarities between the Allen tone generation and windblown pipes.

When selecting an instrument based on sound, it is important to compare the digital tone generation with a pipe organ.

Viscount Video:

Allen / Hinsz Video:

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