When purchasing a piece of furniture for your home, the consumer has many choices. From fine custom furniture to low-end particle board, the choices are endless. But, with so many choices, how do you make that decision? Certainly, the consumer takes into account budget, quality, and longevity. If you want a piece of furniture that will last for many years, you will be more inclined to purchase furniture that is constructed using real hardwoods and assembled with care of detail and longevity. If the consumer is budget minded and is not interested in longevity or aesthetics, they may be more inclined to consider something of less quality, usually constructed with knockdown construction or even something that the consumer builds themselves at home.

Photo removed at the request of Viscount representative.

This is no different when considering a musical instrument. Consumers have the choice of multiple brands which encompass the gamut of price and quality. Allen Organ is a company that prides themselves on quality and fine furniture finishing techniques that offer an aesthetically pleasing and quality console, especially for the home customer. If you are purchasing a musical instrument for your home that you hope will last for generations, why not select an instrument that will stand the test of time.

Some companies manufacture home organs that incorporate the same knockdown construction as inexpensive furniture manufactures. For some, even assembly is required! This consumer-grade, race to the bottom mentality will inevitably hurt the consumer in the long run, as they are investing their money in an instrument that not only incorporates low-budget construction, but also does not take into consideration the aesthetic appeal or cabinetry quality.

As a consumer, it is important that you do your homework and find the right instrument for your needs. Be sure to do your research, visit the factory, ask questions and make sure you are getting a product that will hold up to long home practice sessions as well as something you are proud to hand down to the next generation or be able to resell if need be. Remember, when it comes to quality, you need to “look under the hood,” and really understand who is building your instrument and what goes into the construction of that instrument. Without this type of research, do you really know what you are getting?

Photo removed at the request of Viscount representative.

This Blog publishes unaltered photographs of organs of various manufacturers’products to help educate consumers on the quality differences available.  While the Blog has received complaints from representatives of other companies that the photographs have been published, none contest their validity or accuracy.  Below is an example of one such exchange.

Email received from a Viscount representative:


I would like to find out who posted picture of me, my house, and my children on your website – http://www.church-organs.com/?p=817

Who gave you permission to post my photos?! Please remove them immediately.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Viscount representative

Church-Organs.com response:

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxx,

We received your request that photos of you and your instrument be removed from the church-organs.com website.  This Blog redacted the images since you raised the issue of privacy.  However, these photos were uploaded by Viscount Organs of Michigan to Facebook and are, therefore, property of Facebook. Facebook does permit public posts to be embedded on other websites.



2 thoughts on “Knockdown Construction vs. Quality

  1. You guys actually posted photos of a viscount owner in their home with his children? Its one thing to post photos of competitors organs, but if thats the case, shame on you. I know what to expect when i come to this site, and accept it for what it is – but I hope you discretion in the future.

    1. Yes and no. While we did post redacted photos, these photos were first posted on a public facebook site.

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