“Virtual Organs” are digital organs that use PC-based (Personal Computer) tone-generation technology with Hauptwerk software, rather than purpose-built tone generation.  Comparison of the two technologies is included in the Posting: Dedicated Versus PC-based Organ Tone Generation Technologies.

An organ’s quality varies depending on the supplier.  Organs produced by organ builders typically have a uniform quality throughout their product lineup.  This not the case with Virtual Organs as most are put together by hobbyists or very small suppliers who assemble organs with parts purchased from third-party suppliers.  These instruments offer a lower-grade consumer quality, as seen in the Posting: Hauptwerk-Based Organ Quality.

Given the instruments’ quality, along with the tenuous financial condition of ssome suppliers, some Virtual Organ customers have encountered problems including poorly performing instruments and even lost deposits.  Examples are found elsewhere in this Blog including the Posting A Case Study: “Virtual Organ” Never Shows Up. Other troubling reports have also been submitted.

Recently another unsatisfactory Virtual Organ installation has been reported in Scandinavia with problematic keyboards.  The photos below of this Virtual Organ demonstrate a quality level that is unacceptable.  Unfortunately, the customer did not discover this until it was too late.

The lower initial cost of a Virtual Organ is promoted as a product virtue.  The reality is quite different.  Buyer beware!






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