Organs that utilize personal computers for tone generation are often referred to as “virtual organs”.  With these kit-type organs, other important components such as keyboards, stops, power supplies and audio systems are purchased from other suppliers.  Most of these organs also use Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ sound-generating software supplied by Milan Digital Audio.

It is relatively easy to become a supplier of virtual organs since these builders don’t actually build anything.  This enables the company to avoid investing capital in the business and they typically have little to no assets.  Some of these companies have already exited the business leaving customers without support and in some cases without delivering products already paid for.

As indicated in the Facebook posting below, Martin Digital Organs of California is no longer in business.  Attempting to access their website at results in a 404 Error, indicating the website is no longer in operation.

A church organ is a unique high-tech product.  It is expensive and perhaps the only high-tech product expected to last for decades.  This expectation can only be met if the product is built with the highest quality and is supported by a company that has the willingness and financial ability to provide long-term product support.  These crucial areas should be a part of any consumer diligence when searching for a new organ.

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