Since this Blog started one-and-a-half-years ago it has been updated and improved, often with advice from readers.  We strive to insure that all information is accurate.  To date we have not received a complaint about the accuracy of posted material from any organ supplier.

This Blog focuses on quality, including that found inside organs, which is often hidden from consumers.  Some have complained that the comparative material is unfair since it shows some products’ poor quality.  While the un-doctored photographs posted offer condemnation of low quality, this exists only due to choices of the manufacturers.  Consumers should have access to this information before purchasing products since quality affects product reliability and longevity.

This Blog also posts information about supplier practices that have led to customers losing money.  Below is a comment from one organ buyer who read our postings:

Organ Buyer Comment  I am horrified to come across this posting as I too have contracted with “a West Coast Hauptwerk assembler” for an organ that, according to their schedule, should have arrived by now.  I have heard nothing from them for 2 1/2 months and my emails and phone messages go unanswered.  I have invested a huge amount to date and am having a lot of sleepless nights.  Did the church in question pursue legal action?  Were any of the funds recovered?  Does anyone familiar with this builder know anything about their current whereabouts?  Any input is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately we were only able to recommend that this customer see a lawyer.  Hopefully this Blog’s related postings will be seen by consumers before placing deposits on organs with companies that cannot or do not perform.

Comparative product information is important and a straight-forward way for consumers to evaluate product options.  Such comparisons ultimately lead to better products and product choices.  Fairness to consumers should trump the interests of manufacturers who fear transparent product and corporate comparisons.

2 thoughts on “Educating Organ Consumers

  1. I have frequented this blog for a while. Here is my feelings on organ as a whole. We all know Allen is king. No other builder came close to the quality of Allen. Baldwin was the closest in build quality till viscount built them. But sound was inferior to Allen. Okay the elephant in room we all are not focusing on are customers. Without customers quality won’t matter. I have been saying this for a while but i get ignored. The AGO purists are great for preserving the traditional organ work and things pertaining to that. However if one of these builders.would have a program to be bipartisan between vhurch and builder to teach church members who have music experience to be encouraged to learn organ so if they get encouraged you might sell a new organ to the church and a practice organ to one trying to learn. I have found contempt from the AGO crowd for my desire of learning organ cause after all the banjo and guitar are nit real instruments like the organ or piamo. That attitude has been the cause of the church organ being replaced with praise bands and piano. The classical organ purists turn their nose up at Lowrey but they are the only serious American home organ company still around and will continue cause they were bought. My point is they encourage ANYONE to play. Lowrey has created some very good musicians out of non musical organ beginners. Allen should do this. I think organ can make an even bigger come back. Let’s hope it happens.

    1. Here, here Tom!

      “I think organ can make an even bigger come back. Let’s hope it happens.”

      I’m already doing my part to make it happen. 😉 My website is accessible by clicking on my name so you can see for yourself. 🙂

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