Today, most churches install digital organs rather than pipe organs.  This movement to digital organs has occurred as the result of the ability of the finest digital organs now being able to match the sound quality of fine pipe organs.  In addition, the cost of pipe organs has far exceeded most churches’ budgets.

While the installation of a digital organ is simpler, requiring less structural modifications to buildings than that of pipe organ installations, the installation process is still complex.  If an installation is not done properly, it will negatively impact the tonal results of the digital organ.

A proper installation of a digital organ requires significant installer skills.  Customers should research an installer’s related skills in advance of purchasing the instrument by auditing previous installations completed by that installer.  In addition, the financial stability of the installing dealer is important so that appropriate assets can be brought in to accomplish a successful installation.

The link below is a time-lapse video of a recently completed digital organ installation in Florida.  Within a compressed few minutes, the video helps demonstrate the complexities of a proper digital organ installation and the importance of the installer’s skills.

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