has been live for over a year.  Given this milestone it is appropriate to restate the Site’s mission.

While is hosted by Allen Organ Company. this Site has not received any complaints about the validity of the un-doctored photographs or material included.

In recent years some digital organ customers have encountered support issues that are problematic for the industry’s reputation.  Allen Organ Company has been contacted by churches that contracted for organs, paid deposits, but did not receive the organs.  In some cases Allen assisted these customers, sharing in the loss.  Customers have also encountered difficulty servicing instruments built by some manufacturers due to lack of parts availability.  Through transparent information, customers can better understand the risks involved prior to making a purchase decision.

Choosing a digital church organ is a complex process.  These organs not only include advanced technology, much of which is hidden in integrated circuits, but also craftsmanship in consoles and the duplication of a centuries-old art-form.  Unlike most technology-based products that are discarded after a few years, digital organs are large investments expected to serve for decades.  Should the organs not be built with quality and backed by a company with support capabilities, the desired longevity will not be possible.  The photographs and material included in this site allow consumers to be informed on these issues. accepts comments submitted by readers and other builders that include objective material that could assist consumers.  Educated consumers are smart consumers.

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  1. And I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of this site! There’s nothing biased at all here,…nothing! The truth is told,and the un-doctored and un-edited photos don’t lie,…they speak for themselves. Those who try to claim otherwise are very sorely mistaken,…and for them,…the truth is hard to accept. At present,…I’m without an organ,…but I am hoping to someday have an Allen of my own. I choose Allen over the others for several reasons. Unmatched long term customer support,longevity,quality,reliability,and value for the money. Allen builds their organs to a much higher standard than their competitors,and it definitely shows. One last thing here,…Allen is NOT behind in their technology as one competing organ salesman continually tries to claim,…but his claims have absolutely NO merit whatsoever.

  2. Allen says it will be able to provide support for its organs for the long term.
    I do tech work for an Allen dealer. I noticed many Allen organs hidden away inside cages are chips clearly marked as imports from Malaysia.

    For example I pulled from a recent Allen a clock chip which was an import. Its part number was M48T86PC1. And its responsible for time keeping. Its not made by Allen in house. Its an imported part. If the company making them decides to stop how could Allen handle this?

    This is true for MULTIPLE components. Allens are very neatly and strongly built and while there are boards made in house the components are clearly not and brings up the question of how will they have any more long term support than Rodgers or Viscount which do the same things?

    1. Jonathan, you raise important point and a question that all customers should ask prior to purchasing an organ they expect to last for decades. Allen Organ Company has in inventory millions of dollars of assemblies, circuit boards and components to service organs no longer in production. Our Purchasing department receives notice from suppliers when an integrated circuit is going out of production. At that time the company either engineers in a substitute part or purchase an inventory of the integrated circuits for serving our customers decades in the future. Unfortunately, few companies take these expensive steps to support customers. Allen’s unique actions are supported by the longevity and support of our products. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. “Allen Organ Company has been contacted by churches that contracted for organs, paid deposits, but did not receive the organs.”

    Are you referring to Allen dealers who defaulted or other companies?

    1. The positing clearly stated that it referred to other organ builders that failed. In a response your previous posting you were asked: “We will assist you. What are your thoughts on the differences of construction quality in the various organs as demonstrated by the photos posted on this Site?” Did you read that?

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