These photographs were posted on the Internet showing a relatively new four-manual organ assembled in England.  Viewed from the front indicates a large instrument.  The organ’s interior indicates something different.  The construction quality is typical of digital organs manufactured in Europe.  This includes consumer-grade wiring not found in professional electronic equipment and unfinished/crude woodwork in the interior.  The digital electronics are not enclosed within metal cages, which is not typical of high-tech digital electronic products.  Metal enclosures help ensure that EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) does not radiate from the product, a requirement for compliance with CE, FCC, an other regulatory items.  Finally, the total amount of electronic circuitry included in the console is similar in quantity/quality to that found in much smaller organs posted on this Site.

According to the website, this organ’s assemblies come from various sources including Tone Generation from Italy, Keyboards from Germany, Consoles from the UK, etc.   This raises questions as to the organs’ long-term warranty as support responsibilities.

Large Viscount Organ Insides



One thought on “Large Digital Organ from England

  1. Still building them as cheap as they can,…and the cost cutting continues to sicken me! Viscount will never learn!

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