The photo above was forwarded to this Blog showing a defective bench that came with the digital organ from a North American manufacturer (not Allen).  Shortly after the organ’s was dedication, the bench came apart, likely due to improper gluing.



7 thoughts on “Organ Bench Quality

  1. Let me guess Johannus? at least they used dowels. I mean they tried to something besides butt glue joints.

  2. Afterthought I have an old Allen organ bench that is orphaned and I remember when I was a lot heavier my friend and I stood on it to fix a ceiling fan and he was no lightweight either. I still have that bench. Just thinking about that it is strong.

  3. Ahhhh,…after closer look,…I would have to say Rodgers! If so,…what a shame for that to happen so soon! Looking to the left at the toe studs,and expression pedals tells me it’s a Rodgers! Again,…I’m wagering a guess!

  4. Wow,…if you look REALLY close at the back of the pedal clavier,…it looks as if a board is starting to become loose,…and I don’t think my eyes are playing tricks on me here. Really,…look REAL close and see if you don’t see what I’m seeing! It DOES look like a board is coming loose on the rear of the pedal clavier! As if the bench coming apart isn’t/wasn’t bad enough! BARELY two months old,and that organ is already falling apart,…starting with the bench!

  5. The organ is DEFINITELY a Rodgers! The toe studs and expression shoes are a dead give away!

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