The photo above was forwarded to this Blog showing a defective bench that came with the digital organ from a North American manufacturer (not Allen).  Shortly after the organ’s was dedication, the bench came apart, likely due to improper gluing.



12 thoughts on “Organ Bench Quality

  1. Let me guess Johannus? at least they used dowels. I mean they tried to something besides butt glue joints.

  2. Afterthought I have an old Allen organ bench that is orphaned and I remember when I was a lot heavier my friend and I stood on it to fix a ceiling fan and he was no lightweight either. I still have that bench. Just thinking about that it is strong.

  3. Ahhhh,…after closer look,…I would have to say Rodgers! If so,…what a shame for that to happen so soon! Looking to the left at the toe studs,and expression pedals tells me it’s a Rodgers! Again,…I’m wagering a guess!

  4. Wow,…if you look REALLY close at the back of the pedal clavier,…it looks as if a board is starting to become loose,…and I don’t think my eyes are playing tricks on me here. Really,…look REAL close and see if you don’t see what I’m seeing! It DOES look like a board is coming loose on the rear of the pedal clavier! As if the bench coming apart isn’t/wasn’t bad enough! BARELY two months old,and that organ is already falling apart,…starting with the bench!

  5. The organ is DEFINITELY a Rodgers! The toe studs and expression shoes are a dead give away!

    1. YEs I reread the post. it says a North American manufacturer and there are only two well really one now Allen but the second one before you know who bought them out was Rodgers. Someone forgot to glue the dowels in…. some quality control

    1. Nope,’s a Rodgers for sure. The style of the toe studs and expression shoes give it away!

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