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  1. Well,…nothing has changed at all at Johannus! Still building them cheap,and mounting electronics directly on the wood. Not only that,…but they’re not even painting interior of the organ to protect the wood. SAD,…VERY SAD! I wonder if they’re building the new Rodgers Inspire series organs just as cheap. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are. It’s shame as to how much cost cutting is going on here just to get an organ out the door!

  2. Sorry, but that’s nothing but unfair and untrue competition bashing! Allen as one of the biggest global players in digital organs and the “host” of this forum should be much more relaxed, confident and HONEST!
    I know all the relevant global organ brands, their history, their advantages and disadvantages and not least their respective price points.
    Instead of just publishing photos and questionable comments, you should also be honest and tell your readers the price of the instrument you’re trying to discredit. Especially in this example, this would be a complete game changer, and I’m sure you know that.
    Allen did not need to talk about his competitors in a misleading and dishonest way. Why do you still show such bad behavior?

    1. We posted your comments as an example of sour grapes. You raise “honesty”, but do not offer one example of a posted item on the Blog that is not accurate. That is unfortunately a tactic taken by a salesman selling deficient products. Undoctored photos do not lie. The same cannot be said about all salesmen.

      Quality is a an objective product criteria that is not related to price. The fact that you complain about the photos of some digital organs indicate that you too are bothered by their low quality level.

      Your future comments will not be posted unless they are back by facts.

      1. It’s a shame that people can’t see these photos and see just how cheaply made a Johannus organ is! There’s no doctoring up of photos on this blog/website,…and,…as you said,…undoctored photos do not lie. Johannus is DEFINITELY not built to last. This blog,…Dave Carpent,…is backed up with facts and photos. And it’s an honest site,too. Nothing biased here!

  3. Looking at these photos again just appalls me at how cheaply Johannus builds their organs! Same with Viscount,Phoenix,and Rodgers. I have said this many times before,and I will say it AGAIN,…Allen is your best,..and only,..choice if you want an organ that is built to last a lifetime,have unmatched long term customer support(won’t get that with the others),be reliable,and have the best sound! I have heard the others,…and Allen STILL has the best sound over them!

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