Choosing a digital church organ or digital-pipe combination organ is a challenging process.  Uniquely, digital organs not only include advanced technology, much of which is hidden within integrated circuits, but they are also required to duplicate a centuries-old art-form.

Unlike other technologically-based consumer products that are discarded after only a few years, digital organs are large investments expected to serve for decades.  Should they not be built with quality and backed by a company with proven support capabilities, their annual cost, irrespective of initial purchase price, will be high.

There are various suppliers of digital organs of different sizes, capabilities and products.  Each claims product superiority.  Given the different technological and quality issues with digital organs, it is a challenge for purchasers to filter through the claims made by the vendors.  This Blog assists consumers with objective information to aid in making informed decisions. has been online for over nine months and has been viewed by thousands.  While the Blog is hosted by Allen Organ Company, the information included attempts to be objective and is supported by posted photographs and publicly available information.  Since its inception, none of the facts presented in this Blog have been challenged as inaccurate, attesting to the quality of the information.  While this Blog will post dissenting information, it will do so only if the material is supported by objective facts and photographic evidence.

One thought on “Church-Organs Blog Surpasses Nine-Month Anniversary

  1. A sales person from a competitor organ dealer in the south desparately claims that this blog is very biased,and harms the organ industry. I don’t see anything that is biased in any way shape or form! All I see are facts and photos to back them up! In the nine months the blog has been up,not having any of the information challenged speaks highly that the information contained here is factual,…and in no way is it biased! The sales person at the competitor organ dealer even tries to make claims that the photos of the Rodgers organ(s)are of “prototype” organs,…not actual production models! No way the claim can be true!

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