Church organs are available in a wide range of prices.  At the high end are pipe organs with a 30-rank instrument costing nearly $1 million or more.  Sound and quality matter.

Digital church organs also have varied prices.  Quality digital organs with artistic tonal results and that include quality construction have higher prices than instruments designed to consumer-grade standards.

Low-cost digital organs are available mainly from European suppliers.  Their lower pricing is obtained at the expense of tonal fidelity and construction quality.  Low price does not equate to value.  True value requires reasonable prices and quality products.  A deficiency in either area will result in unsatisfactory sound and diminished life expectancy.

Johannus, a low-cost organ supplier from the Netherlands, promotes pricing on its website, examples below.  (1 Euro equals about $1.20).  Therefore a 9,995 Euro organ would cost about $11,994.)  An example of this company’s quality is included in the posting Johannus Organ Photographs.

As with many products, low pricing comes at the expense of quality and value.

Johannes Pricing 1

Johannes Pricing 11



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