The following photos are from a an organ whose supplier assemblies organ in the UK and Canada.


3 thoughts on “Canada/English Organ Photos

  1. Transformer and other electronics mounted on wood? That’s a fire JUST WAITING to happen if something shorts out! Making matters worse,…the interior of the console is not painted to protect the wood! Poor quality workmanship if I ever seen it!

    1. While this photo may reveal some undesired qualities of this specific instrument, the other instruments that this company provides are of higher quality than any other digital organ brand. I would buy a Phoenix organ any day over one of the larger companies.

      Were there some poor choices made in the organ in these pictures? Definitely.
      Is this indicative of the quality of instrument that the company produces? By no means.
      I can easily tell that this particular instrument uses a pre-existing console, which signifies that the purchaser may have been trying to cut costs.

      I stand beside Phoenix Organ company because they have treated my congregation well and the quality of their product is far greater than any of the larger companies represented in the USA. That these photos have been displayed in such a slanderous way is indicative of how unethical the larger organ companies are.

      1. While your comments and claims are not accompanied by supporting facts, this site posted them in full. They seem similar to the sales hype used by the manufacturer of the subject photos.

        As a consumer you may accept the shortcuts and “undesirable qualities”. The only reason an instrument would include such “undesirable qualities” is to cut a manufacturer’s cost. However, this comes at the expense of product reliability and long-term support.

        Your use of the word “slanderous” relating to the photographs is without merit. The photographs are un-doctored and speak for themselves. The fact that the products do not stand up to transparent scrutiny is due to decisions of their manufacturer(s). Should you submit future comments with unsubstantiated claims, they will not be posted.

        A function of this site is to educate consumers. A digital organ is a complex and sophisticated combination of technology, musicality and craftsmanship. Products should be held to the highest quality standards. The fact that instruments have become unserviceable in shorter timeframes than the life expectancy for church organs does not benefit consumers or our industry.

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