An organ assembler located in Canada has published that they purchase most of the important assemblies used in their organs from third-party suppliers, as listed below.  Long-term product support for these organs is not only dependent on their willingness and capabilities  of the assembler for support, but also on those of the third-party suppliers.

Klann Organ Company (Waynesboro, VA) Thumb Pistons Р 

Syndyne Corporation (Vancouver, WA) Toe Pistons, Drawknobs, Coupler Tabs –

Organ Supply Industries (Erie, PA) “Premium Keyboards”, Pedalboard hardware and sharps –

Harris Precision (Whittier, CA) “Premium Drawknobs” – Website no longer operational

Lexicon (South Jordan, UT) Reverb Units –

Furman (Petaluma, CA) Power Sequencers –

Progressive Dynamics (Marshall, MI) Power supplies –

5 thoughts on “Canadian Made Organs’ Third Party Suppliers

  1. What happens if any one of those suppliers decides to close their doors? You’re out of luck if you need your Phoenix organ serviced!

    1. Not so! Most of these components are available off the shelf from a number of different sources and are somewhat interchangeable. A competent pipe organ technician can sort it all out.

      1. There have been reports of many organs that are no longer supported because of lack of parts. Once off-the-shelve parts are no longer manufactured, they are no longer available. Buyer beware.

        1. I agree with this. Only interchangable thing might be those amplifiers they use. Allen parts are not cheap. But i can still get parts for my old TC5. Can’t say that about any other maker today. None.

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