In a world where consumer products have become commodities, many are manufactured with similar qualities.  The church organ field is unique with two very different levels of quality available: professional-grade and consumer-grade.

Church organs with professional-grade quality are manufactured to support product longevity and long-term serviceability.  Organs manufactured to consumer-grade quality may be less expensive, but have shorter lifespans, more similar to that found in most consumer products.

The heritage of professional-grade church organs comes from pipe organs with many of these instruments serving for decades.  Most digital church organs manufacturers no longer adhere to this standard.  Allen Organ Company of Pennsylvania, USA, continues to maintain professional-grade quality standards, as evident by objective side-by-side comparisons.

The photograph comparisons below show the difference between professional-grade and consumer-grade organ quality.


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  1. I am interested in a low-cost organ for our church. It may seat about 500. I live in St Catharines, Ontario.
    What is an average cost for a used/reconditioned organ?
    Do you have any available?
    with thanks,

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