Organs, whose tone generation systems are based on Personal Computers rather than dedicated tone generators, are often referred to as “Virtual Organs”.   Their suppliers typically are very small companies or hobbyists who purchase consoles from one source, keyboards, amplifiers, power supplies, etc. from varied other sources.

Virtual Organ suppliers include, or have included, Martin, VPO, Phoenix Organs among others, some of which are no longer in business.  The photographs below were taken from a church organ based on “virtual” technology.


One thought on “Virtual Organ Photographs

  1. These so called PC based “virtual organs” sound absolutely terrible,yet you have people swear by them thinking they sound better than any digital organ on the market,…nothing could be further from the truth. I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of these so called “virtual organs”. For a digital organ,’s Allen,or no organ at all. An organ with a dedicated tone generation system is FAR better than anything that is PC based. What if the PC fails? No organ,…right? Get a REAL organ,…get an Allen!

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