Allen Organ Company is an integrated organ manufacturer from the USA.  The following photographs were taken from Allen’s standard instruments.

6 thoughts on “Allen Organ Photographs

  1. High quality construction throughout,…that being said,…Allen is your best,…and ONLY,…choice for a high quality organ that will last MANY years!

    1. And you pay dearly for it!!! The ends-user can’t even change a dead battery; They are not allowed and only an Allen-certified technician is allowed to remove he dead battery and replace it with a new one. I mean, EVERYTHING must be done by an authorized service technician, regardless of the service being required, many of which MOST other organ manufacturers have made a simple process for their end-users. Allen seems to ONLY be interested in making money at their buyers’ expense, from the initial purchase through routine, daily maintenance activities, many of which could just as easily be performed by the owner.

      1. These comments are false on various fronts.

        1. Allen Organ Company does not charge for any “routine” maintenance.
        2. Allen Organ Company does not recommend nor do Allen organs require “routine” maintenance.
        3. Allen Organs include a 10-year parts warranty.
        4. Allen Organs last longer and are supported longer than any other product, period. This is supported by facts and history.

        Finally, if Allen Organ Company’s primary focus was profit, it would have outsourced its production long ago in keeping with practices of other digital organ builders.

        Your future posting will only be posted if supported by facts.

        1. Haha,..yes,…I LOVE it when this blog sets the record straight! Thank you,Organ-Editor! for giving us the FACTS! New,or pre-owned,…Allen is my ONLY choice!

      2. New or used,…I will GLADLY pay for it,Scott…because I know I’ll have an organ that will last MANY years,be reliable,and still have Allen’s unmatched long tern customer support. Organ-editor gave you the FACTS,and I believe them!

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