5 thoughts on “Italian Organ Photographs

  1. And not to mention all that unprotected circuitry,…power supplies,amps,and tone generation needs to be in metal protective cages to protect them from EMI,…the console wood alone is NOT going to shield them from the EMI that can affect other electronics in vicinity of the organ!

  2. The fact that these organs pass all regulatory compliance tests and requirements for EU, US and Asia speaks by itself. You Allen representatives are trying to tell people lies with this whole website. Readers without an engineering degree may be fooled by your information, but all the others do not. And facts are facts, as you say: go look at all FCC and EMI compliance checks for these organs and you’ll know that they are as good as any regulation requires.

    1. Your posting is full of emotion, but no facts. Therefore, your motivation is questionable. The photos included in this Blog are untouched. If they offend you, complain to those that build organs in this manner.

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