Rodgers is an organ company that in 2016 was purchased by owners of Johannus Organs of The Netherlands.  The following photographs were taken from various Rodgers Organs.

6 thoughts on “Rodgers Organ Photographs

  1. This website is published by Allen…. i love my Rodgers organ. you #haters!

    1. We are pleased that you are happy with your organ. Happy organ owners are good for the organ world.

    2. They’re NOT haters,…only reporting facts and backing it up with photographic evidence,..and the camera doesn’t lie! No matter who this blog is published by,it serves a purpose in helping those shopping for an organ to make an informed decision. It is NOT biased in any way shape or form regardless of what anyone else says. It’s great you love your Rodgers organ. They do have a nice sound,..BUT,..their quality of construction is not up to the same standards as Allen.

  2. Al Murrell of Daffer Organs continues to make claims that Allen is twenty years behind in their technology. He also touts that he would put a Rodgers console up against an Allen console any day. You’re going to put an organ made of particle board up against an organ built of solid wood? And look at all that circuitry left out in the open,and unprotected!

  3. May I add that Rodgers’ lackluster build quality is the one and only thing that stops me from considering them! I want an organ{Allen}that is going to last MANY years,…not one held together by low cost Wal-Mart style L-brackets that probably within five to ten years is going to start falling apart on it’s own,..and add to that fact their new owner,..Johannus,….is building them cheap using particle board. I’m not buying an organ just for it’s sound,…I’m buying one for the furniture quality as well,…unfortunately Rodgers is not tops on my list due to the poor build quality. Allen is your best,…and only,…choice!

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