9 thoughts on “Dutch Organ Photographs

  1. Some of these photos suggest inferior quality.. and perhaps intentionally. However, the fact is, one is looking at CURRENT state-of-the-art electronics that are considerably down-sized from out-dated equivalents. Nor do they need to be encased, “protected” or “caged”, etc. This is because Johannus invests a considerable amount into forward-looking R&D to ensure its electronics stay current. The end result is two-fold: 1) “Pipe experience” is constantly enhanced with every roll-out of the latest generation of electronic design. 2) Manufacturing costs are lowered, and able to be reflected into their prices, making them more competitive.

    1. Your comments are sale’s jargon not supported by facts. Such marketing tactics are all too often used when objective facts are not available to support claims. Future comments will only be posted if you support statements with facts and photographs.

    2. It IS inferior quality! The camera dpesn’t lie! Rich,…I wouldn’t buy that organ at all,…especially for the church,…much less my own home! I see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING intentional about these photographs! Why would I want an organ costing many thousands of dollars using consumer grade amps and electronics? Give me an Allen ANY day of the week!

  2. Do you have any pictures of the flagship Alborn Gilanti organ? I always wanted to see the innards of those and never could. I hope you can find them. I visited a dealer one time and they looked really well made but… looks can be deceiving thanks soo much To

    1. It is this Blog’s understanding that Alhborn Galanti stopped producing organs many years ago. Sorry, no photos are avaialable.

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