3 thoughts on “Exposed Power Circuitry

  1. Your Photo states Power supply Circuitry Mounted on wood?
    Last time I checked that grey right angle substrate below the power supply is metal!!

    You also state at the very bottom of the page ” providing information related to church organ technology, quality and suppliers for the purpose of objective comparison.””for the purpose of objective comparison””

    Not very objective if you cant distinguish wood from metal !!

    1. I read the caption as “exposed circuitry in wood console”. To be sure, the assemblies sit on a sheet metal substrate which is an improvement, but still not up to my standards. I’m pleased to have ordered a new Allen G340DK w/ theatre voices (and I carefully studied pictures of its backside beforehand). It will replace a 50-year old Conn Theater 650 which is still sounding as good as it ever did . . and it’s built like a tank to boot. A young pop organist is happily awaiting to claim it.

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