2 thoughts on “Un-protected Ciruitry

  1. Enlarging the photo,..I can see more of those “L-brackets” holding this organ together. Sickening! Even more sickening is the unprotected circuitry. Never seen such shoddy construction in all my life! LOTS of cost cutting going on at Rodgers,…it’s terrible! And to think I was once considering this brand,…but after seeing the insides of them,…NO WAY will I consider them. Use of flake/particle board to cover the built-in speakers raises a RED FLAG here,…making a person question; “Is the rest of the organ built using particle/flake board?” I’d say that is most likely the case!

    1. Let’s face it PURE JUNK I will have to admit at least they placed all that open stuff on a metal tray that must be an older one before Johannus bought them. I have seen the innards of a 00s model MUCH better than this crap. but not nearly as good as Allen. I understand not all companies can build everything from Scratch. If you insist on building organs at least install everything in uL listed enclosures. I do when I build my stereos

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